Fort McPherson man designated long-term offender

Yellowknife Courthouse (CKLB File photo).

A Fort McPherson man convicted of sexual assault has been designated a long-term offender and will be spending two years in prison.

Chief Justice Louise Charbonneau gave her ruling for the fate of Johnny Simon on Friday at the Yellowknife courthouse.

Simon was convicted of sexual assault in 2018 for an incident in Inuvik. This is the third time he has been charged with sexual assault.

Justice Charbonneau said Simon has shown “some progress” while serving previous time, but once he was out of the “structure” of prison, he had setbacks.

Simon committed his third sexual assault after undergoing treatment for sexual offenders.

She also said his history of sexual assaults were “impulsive and opportunistic” and that he preyed on vulnerable women.

Charbonneau said he presents a serious threat to re-offend and added that her decision runs in contrast with the court’s responsibility to lower the over-representation of Indigenous people in prisons.

However, she said public safety must come first.

Charbonneau said she hopes Simon will focus on dealing with his substance abuse, which have been a factor in many of his previous convictions.

“Mr. Simon should probably never touch alcohol again,” she said to the court.

She said while previously incarcerated, Simon did show a willingness to get treatment for his emotional and psychological issues.

Simon was sentenced for six years and four months, but due to time served, will only spend two years in prison. As a long-term offender, he will be under supervision for the following five years upon release.

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