Victim’s partner tears up while testifying at Fort Resolution murder trial

Day three of the trial discussed the relationship between the victim and accused.

Yellowknife Courthouse (CKLB File photo).

Warning: This story reports details of an alleged murder.

The partner of a murder victim became emotional on the stand while discussing the incident from Canada Day 2018. 

Jaylynn Boucher, 20, testified by CCTV in a murder trial to determine the fate of her cousin, Chad Beck.

Beck is facing a second degree murder charge from an altercation on July 1, 2018 in Fort Resolution, where he killed 27-year-old Cameron Sayine with an axe. Beck’s lawyer, Peter Harte, said his client was willing to plead guilty to manslaughter — the crown prosecution rejected this plea.

Melissa Larocque, Chad’s cousin and former roommate, also testified by CCTV on Wednesday. 

Before the incident

Boucher and Larocque were both present at the location of the incident, a home outside Fort Resolution, at different points in the day. 

Boucher was at the home earlier when she saw a group including Beck, Sayine and her father, Jason Larocque — had been drinking all day.

She said at this time, she noticed a cut on Beck’s face, which Sayine explained he had caused. Boucher said there had been tension between the two, because Beck was dating Sayine’s cousin.   

Boucher said she left the gathering for approximately an hour to attend a barbecue in town.

She said she did not notice any confrontation when she left.  

Larocque arrived shortly before the incident to retrieve house keys from Beck.

Under questioning from Harte, Larocque said she needed these keys because Beck had installed a new padlock on his front door as a result of Sayine breaking in several times. 

Upon arriving, she discovered Jason, Beck and Sayine hanging out inside the home.

In her testimony Larocque said the mood appeared normal at this time. However, the day after the incident, Larocque provided testimony to the police that described a different situation.

In her testimony, which was played before the court, she said “Cameron was picking on Chad, to be honest.”

Boucher said she returned later in the evening, shortly after the incident. She said she discovered Beck sitting on a swing chair outside the house with blood on his shirt and hands. 

Boucher said she then entered the house and saw blood all over the floor. 

Boucher had been dating Sayine for two years and was living with him for that same amount of time. 

Boucher began to tear up while identifying photos of the crime scene for the crown.

The trial will continue on Thursday.  

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