Gwich’in Council International appoints two new board members

Both members will serve the Gwich'in Nation and advance issues of sustainable developments and environmental protection.

(Photo courtesy of the GCI official website)

The Gwich’in Council International (GCI), who represent over 9,000 members across all three territories and Alaska, appoints two new faces to the board of directors.

The two- year term position will see Erin Linklater replace Chief  Dana Tizya-Tramm. Kibbe Tetlichi is also joining the board

The GCI says it has a  few projects in the works. Including the celebration of its 20th anniversary, renewable energy, health, wellness, wildfires and addressing the issue with communities being separated by territorial and national borders.

“The Gwich’in Nation is a critical voice in matters affecting the Arctic and have generations worth of knowledge about their traditional territory that is valuable today,” Linklater says.

“Linklater is passionate about the revitalization of Indigenous law and strengthening Indigenous governance, decision making and stewardship of lands and resources”, according to a press release from the GCI.

“As a GCI board member, she endeavors to bring the strong voices of Gwich’in people across the Gwich’in Nation to the international arena,” according to her biography on the Gwich’in website.

CKLB Radio has reached out to Linklater and Executive Director, Devlin Fernandes for comment regarding their upcoming plans and projects for the GCI.

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