Boil order in effect for Hay River and K’atl’Odeeche Reserve

Residents in Hay River and K’atl’Odeeche Reserve should boil their drinking water for at least one minute before consuming until further notice.

According to a news release sent on May 13 from the GNWT’s chief environmental health officer, “This advisory is precautionary in nature and is due to higher than normal turbidity (muddy water).”

The chief environmental health officer says there have been no illnesses associated with drinking water reported in the community.

“All water used for drinking, preparing food, hot and cold beverages and ice cubes, washing fruits and vegetables, and dental hygiene must be boiled. This is of particular importance in the case of the preparation of infant formulas,” the GNWT said.

The government is advising residents to not drink water from public drinking fountains.

“It is not necessary to boil water used for other household purposes,” the GNWT said.

The GNWT says you may shower, bathe, or wash using tap water, but avoid swallowing the water.

Residents should take note that “Brita” type drinking water filters, which use activated carbon filters, are not a safe method for treating water during a Boil Water Advisory.

They do not disinfect the water.

The boil order also applies to Kakisa and Enterprise.

CKLB Radio will provide an update when the advisory is lifted.

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