IRC and NWTRPA Present Indigenous Tools For Living

An On the Land program from last year, photo from Tides Canada

The IRC and NWTRPA will be co-sponsoring an event in Inuvik next week that aims to help teach On the Land front line workers how to better deal with trauma.

The three day course runs from Tuesday to Thursday at the Mackenzie Hotel in Inuvik will be run by instructors from the Justice Institute of British Columbia’s focusing-oriented therapy course, and will act as an introduction to this program.

Director of On the Land Programs at the NWTRPA Jess Dunkin says this training was identified as a need because being on the Land can be as traumatic as it is cathartic.

“While the land is a really powerful place for learning, connection and healing, it can also be a place where participants are reminded of past trauma so it can be a place where they’re triggered.”

Participants are expected to better understand themselves and how they may respond to the trauma of others through the course.

Meghan Etter of counseling services says this training should help front-line workers to work with trauma without burning themselves out.

“If you’re working with the public where you’re constantly hearing different stories and different things that might be traumatic then it doesn’t affect you as a staff member, and it’s supposed to give you the tools to work with those individuals to help them through that in the moment.”

No background training is needed to participate in the workshop.

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