Yellowknife mayor and councillor each file complaints

“Sometimes sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

A visibly, and audibly, shaken Mayor Mark Heyck addressed a small circle of media members Wednesday afternoon, addressing that a complaint had been officially filed against him by councillor Niels Konge, co-signed by Steve Payne. The complaint alleged that an investigation into Konge was not compliant with city council’s rules of conduct. Councillor Konge said he disapproves of the way Mayor Heyck went about his investigation.

The mayor investigated those without the knowledge of council. He acted as judge, jury and executioner.

Niels Konge – Photo courtesy of

This matter has been ongoing since November 2015, when multiple complaints from city employees alleged mistreatment by councillor Konge. Konge says council dismissed the claim, and Heyck’s investigation was unfair to himself, his family and the original complainants.

As of yesterday, Mayor Heyck has filed a formal complaint against Niels Konge for the alleged mistreatment, which has been co-signed by councillor Shauna Morgan. Mayor Heyck says he believes the city employees’ health was inflicted by the abuse they faced, and says he won’t back down from what he believes is right.

I will not tolerate the abuse of city staff, nor will I be intimidated by this councillor.

Councillor Konge has requested that his legal fees be repaid, and that the mayor make a public apology to him to settle this matter.

Mayor Heyck also noted he believes this investigation into his conduct is made possible in large part due to how vague the current rules of conduct are, whereas Konge alleges the mayor doesn’t believe the code of conduct applies to him.

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