Woman pleads guilty to drug trafficking in Fort Res

A woman has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to traffic in cocaine in Fort Resolution and Yellowknife.

Lacey Dawn Forrest, 34, made the plea in court in Yellowknife on Wednesday.

She pleaded not guilty to another drug charge as well as possession of the proceeds of crime – namely Canadian currency.

The Crown prosecutor says those charges will likely be dropped or stayed once the conviction is entered on the guilty plea.

That is expected to happen at her sentencing hearing on August 28th.

Forrest, who now lives in Alberta, was accused of being part of a dial-a-dope operation run by now-convicted drug kingpin Norman Hache.

She was caught up more than two years ago in what RCMP dubbed Project Green Manalishi.

It resulted in dozens of arrests after Mounties tapped several cell phone lines.

It is believed Forrest was heard on some of those cell phone calls between February and March of 2016.

Those calls are expected to be played in court at her sentencing hearing.

The Crown has yet to indicate how much jail time it is seeking.

Forrest remains free until she is sentenced.



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