Woman connected to Denecho King has robbery conviction tossed

A Yellowknife woman with a connection to Denecho King has had her robbery conviction thrown out by the NWT Court of Appeal.

A new trial has been ordered for 22-year-old Karma Eeyeevadluk.

She was convicted last year of mugging a cab driver in Old Town in 2015 and sentenced to 20 months in jail.

She had been free on bail pending her appeal and remains so.

Denecho King and his brother Bradley King were both in the cab and were convicted of assault on the cabbie for their roles in the incident.

That mugging happened several weeks after the murder of John Wifladt but before Denecho King was arrested and charged with that crime.

The Court of Appeal ruled that Eeyeevadluk should get a new trial because her original lawyer told her it was too late in the trial for her to change her mind and decide she wanted to testify.

It also ruled that if the original jury had believed a statement she gave to RCMP after the incident – it may have exonerated her.

According to court documents, Eeyeevadluk told police she had only gone back to the cab to retrieve her purse, not to rob the cabbie.

The Crown says it expects to re-try the case.

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