Tu Nedhe’-Wilideh MLA Update

Tu Nedhe'-Wilideh MLA Tom Beaulieu

The MLA for Tu Nedhe’-Wilideh Tom Beaulieu has many concerns for his constituents.

Beaulieu is concerned that traditional hunting sources of moose and caribou numbers have  dropped.

The MLA admits the numbers of moose and caribou are less than the actual numbers that are reported.

Beaulieu believes these numbers are distorted and not accurate relating to moose and caribou populations.

I think that the numbers have dropped more than what has been reported.

The MLA stresses a lot of the small communities have an employment rate of just  less than fifty percent.

Therefore, Beaulieu says hunting is so key as a source of food in these small communities in his constituency.

Infrastructure, specifically highways were also discussed with the MLA.

Beaulieu says Highway 6 was started in 2010 and should full be chip-sealed by the end of

the construction season in 2018.

The biggest area of concern for Beaulieu is housing for elders. He says the costs for some to lease are outrageous.

He cited one elder who has a $4000 lease and has a net monthly income of $1700 to live on.

Beaulieu adds it would be impossible for this elder to make $300 or $400 dollar monthly payments with

so low of a monthly take home income.

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