Three-year study report on arsenic in Yellowknife expected in 2018

Updated Map from the April 10 Public Health Advisory. (Government of the NWT)

Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Robert C. McLeod gave a detailed report to the Legislative Assembly on how the arsenic is being monitored in the Yellowknife area.

He acknowledged citizens’ concerns and assured that “ENR continues to conduct monitoring, in collaboration with universities and the Government of Canada, on arsenic in water, sediments, soils and fish in the Yellowknife region.”

Under-ice water sampling was done at seven sites on Kam Lake and three sites on Grace Lake in April.

“Results from Kam Lake are consistent with recent Surveillance Network Program sampling done by Miramar Northern Mining Limited under its existing water license. Another round of sampling at both lakes is being done this summer. The Department, in collaboration, with the University of Alberta is also working to determine the concentration of metals, including arsenic, in fish from several lakes near Yellowknife and along the Ingraham Trail.”

A report on the three-year study will be available to the public in 2018. Three additional monitoring projects are also examining arsenic contamination in water, sediments, soils and fish in the Yellowknife region.

Minister of ENR McLeod also declared that his department has met with the Department of Health and Social Services to improve interdepartmental and external communications.

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