The Sun at Midnight Review


I had the tremendous opportunity of seeing The Sun at Midnight at the 2016 Yellowknife International Film Festival. The film was directed by Kristen Carthew and co-produced by Amos Scott, a local film maker known for his work on the APTN TV series Dene a Journey.
The film revolves around a troubled 16 year old girl from Montreal named Lia played by Devery Jacobs, who recently lost her mother.Lia is sent to stay with her grandmother in Fort McPherson while her father goes away to work at a mine.

Lia is a typical teenage city girl that does not like to get her hands dirty and does not like living in the remote community with her grandmother, as she thinks the wilderness is nothing but mosquitoes and bear S***.

After staying with her grandmother for some time Lia becomes fed up with small town life and attempts to flee to Dawson City. She soon learns how hard it is to survive in the wilderness without the proper knowledge.

While lost she meets an elder Caribou tracker named Alfred, played by Duane Howard, who reluctantly accompanies Lia on the journey. Lia is forced to become the leader after Alfred suffers a serious injury putting both of their lives in her hands.

After the showing of the film I asked the Director during the question and answer period the overall moral of the story. Carthew replied that “the moral is that sometimes you have to get lost in order to find yourself”. This is just what happened to Alfred and Lia in that they were both recovering from a painful loss and they were able to find themselves by spending time together in the wilderness.

I was really impressed by this film and I highly recommend it for anyone that loves wilderness adventure and stories that have positive messages. I have a feeling that this movie will help to put the NWT and the town of Fort McPherson on the map. The added feature is that it stars Duane Howard who was also in the Oscar and Golden Globe award winning western “The Revenant”. I give this film at least three and a half stars out of five and I look forward to the film being widely shown around the world. This movie will inspire other film makers to make their movies in beautiful Northwest Territories.

A truly inspirational masterpiece that I hope everyone has a chance to see.

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