Sacred Pipe’s journey starting in Denendeh

Chief Sangris and YK Dene drummers - Photo Credit Josh Campbell

A Sacred Pipe will arrive to Dettah tomorrow at 9am to bring spiritual, emotional, physical and mental wellbeing to Denendeh.

Elder Stephen Kakfwi explains why the Elders chose a pipe.

“We are gonna stop crying about all the pipes that have been stolen and taken away from us over the last three four hundred years. They are in museums, they are in private collections all over the world. And we cannot get them back. What we are going to do is just take action and we’re gonna create a new pipe. A pipe to create hope. A pipe to say we are taking back control. So as a group of Elders, this is the action we are gonna take. And we want to take the pipe to the four directions, starting in the North, starting in Yellowknife.”

The ceremony at the Chief Drygeese Centre is part of a cultural revitalization movement being led by a Circle of Elders from across Turtle Island, in Manitoba.

The event is hosted by the Yellowknives Dene First Nation and supported by Dene Nahjo. Northern leaders, Elders and youth will be encouraged to share stories of positive cultural revitalization initiatives from across the North.

Communities are also invited to make a special appeal to the Sacred Pipe on behalf of initiatives from their regions.

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