Sachs Harbour Hunter Safe and Sound

Main Street of the hamlet of Sachs Harbour on Banks Island in the Northwest Territories. (Erika Larsen/Redux)

A hunter who was overdue from his trip returned unharmed after a day’s absence.

The man, a resident of Sachs Harbour left by himself for a hunting trip the evening of August 22nd.

His intent was to return that same evening. When he didn’t, he was reported missing.

The RCMP worked quick and effectively with Search and Rescue members to coordinate a Search and Rescue operation.

Thankfully, the hunter returned on his own accord, unharmed and in good health.

The reason for his absence was that he was stranded due to intense fog and could not ride his ATV back to his point of origin.

The hunter had intended to go to the Kellet River area.

The NWT RCMP have some important tips for persons travelling on land and water in the Territories.

On the land, police say your transportation needs to be in good working order.

Carry extra fuel and check the weather forecast and be familiar with your surroundings.

On the waterways, the RCMP say precautions are also important.

Everyone on a vessel needs to wear a lifejacket or a personal floatation device.

Make sure your vessel is in very good working condition.

Carry extra fuel and have a spare battery or a means to recharge that battery and a backup motor.

Know the water source that your vessel is in , whether it’s a river or a lake.

Finally, ensure that you have the appropriate , required safety equipment for your vessel:a bailer,

paddles, a whistle or horn, and a throw rope.




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