Regular MLAs members standing against budget cuts

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The Chairs of the Standing Committee on Priorities and Planning put cabinet and the media on notice yesterday afternoon. Committe chair Tom Beaulieu and Deputy Chair Kieron Testart were flanked by their colleagues from the Sahtu, Dehcho, Nahendeh, Hay River, and Yellowknife on Tuesday.

“You’re going to hear the budget speech from the Minister of Finance, and you’re going to hear responses, and we are going to be be replying to the budget address, each an every one of us, so standby,” said Beaulieu.

He says regular members will be standing in unity against any proposed budget cuts. Testart added cost reductions can’t over-ride government services and jobs.

“There is no secret that this government has had an overall reduction target of 150 million dollars for this assembly, and it has consistently put debt management over the need for a plan to grow the economy,” Testart told reporters on Tuesday.

More details about a new department of Infrastructure, which is a merger of public works and transportation, will be available after Finance Minister Robert C. McLeod delivers his second budget address this afternoon.

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