RCMP lay charges against 23 individuals in drug trafficking investigation

The RCMP has gathered intelligence on several major drug trafficking networks that have led to charges against 23 people, according to an Oct. 1 press release.

As part of “Project Gloomier,” the RCMP targetted drug trafficking in Yellowknife.

In September, RCMP seized “significant quantities” of crack cocaine, Oxycodone, Fentanyl, marijuana, hash oil, Percocet pills and anabolic steroids, the release said.

Drugs seized in an RCMP raid. Photo courtesy of RCMP.

Drugs seized in an RCMP raid. Photo courtesy of RCMP.


In addition to the arrests and seizures made throughout September, the RCMP have arrested six more individuals for drug trafficking.

They have issued warrants for the arrest of two others.

The investigation disrupted several drug trafficking networks, and “provided valuable insight into the local illicit drug trade,  which police can use on future investigations,” stated Sergeant Dean Riou, of the G Division Federal Investigations Unit.

They also found firearms and twenty-five thousand dollars in Canadian and U.S. currency.


Police seized three vehicles, as well as a taxi cab they believe was involved in the trafficking operations.

RCMP expect more charges and arrests will be made.



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