Premier Bob McLeod issues Red Alert about NWT economy

Photo courtesy of Aboriginal Pipeline Group

Premier Bob McLeod issued a red alert statement about the current state of the economy in the north and what the future has in store for the NWT if the Federal Government continues to dictate moratoriums regarding the development of oil and gas in the Beaufort Delta.

Colonialism is alive and well in the Northwest Territories says McLeod.

“A permanent moratorium on oil and gas development in the Beaufort Sea that Prime Minister Trudeau announced without consultation with any of the Indigenous people and without talking to anyone in the north has left us sitting here without jobs and basically no economy in the Beaufort Delta”

Premier McLeod said that the north is treated differently than the rest of Canada.

“When they shut down Newfoundland’s fishery, the Federal government offered up a package of $9 billion dollars to retrain fisherman and to help them find other areas to concentrate on for their economy. The NWT has not received any funds nor has there been any discussion on whether a similar package would be offered to northerners”

The Premier has invited the Prime Minister and his Cabinet to the NWT to see firsthand the challenges northerners face in delivering critical services such as education and healthcare. McLeod also cited the urgent need for investment in infrastructure in the north.

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