Practical Nursing Program Coming To Aurora College

A new practical nursing program is coming to Aurora College’s Aurora Campus in Inuvik this September.

Students will receive a very comparable education to larger nursing programs in Canada and will meet a national nursing competency level upon graduation.

This is a program that the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation has been working on getting off the ground for a few years, and they finally got funding for the program in November.

Sarah Tilley is the Director of the Inuvik Campus and says this program should help bolster a work force that could really use it.

We know that there’s a lot of demand for practical nurses, there’s a lot of trying to get people who would be able in the care facilities, keep elders closer to home and tor eally help bolster that part of the work force.

In addition to this, nurses born and raised in the north may be more inclined to stay long term.

The program will also have some input from elders and will likely grow and change as time goes on to reflect unique cultural aspects of the north.

Priority will be given to Gwich’in and Inuvialuit students who apply.

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