Wifladt and Digness possibly attacked each other with swords

Accused murderer Denecho King leaves the scene of the crime, Sunridge apartment, last month during a field trip by the trial participants.
John McFadden/CKLB News photo

The possibility that John Wifladt and Colin Digness may have attacked each other with swords the night Wifladt was fatally wounded and Digness was seriously hurt was not ruled out at the murder trial of Denecho King.

Under cross-examination Wednesday from King’s lawyer – Edmonton-based RCMP Sergeant Trevor Knopp – a blood stain analysis expert – said he could not positively say whether there were more than two people inside Digness’s apartment unit where Wifladt and Digness were attacked in December of 2014.

He says there was nothing from his blood stain analysis that would allow him to say how many people were there.

Knopp testified Wifladt’s blood was found on one of the swords found in the apartment while Digness’s blood was on the other sword recovered by police from the unit.

He also said that it is his understanding that none of King’s D-N-A was found in any of the blood collected at the scene.

Knopp says the blood pattern he analyzed at the scene is consistent with a sword attack.

There has been no testimony yet from an RCMP D-N-A expert

There has also been no evidence given thus far during the trial that positively places King inside that apartment unit.

A downstairs neighbour testified that King came to her door at Sunridge Place apartments the night of the homicide.

Another man testified that the night of the homicide – King confessed to him that he had killed two people.

The trial continues Thursday.

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