Traditions and culture emphasized by PTSD counsellor

Raymond Pidzamecky at CKLB Radio

Raymond Pidzamecky counsels Indigenous people and travels right to them in their home communities. Raymond believes that although academics and jobs are important, what we need to do is focus on the individual through their community and reculturation.

“I think the focus is not in the right direction. There is a focus on academics and employment. What I believe needs to happen is a focus on personal growth”

Pidzamecky says that feelings of futility, helplessness and hopelessness prevents most from engaging.

“I get a little frustrated when people delivering services don’t understand why people aren’t taking advantage of those services”

Indigenous youth need to know why and how they have ended up as they have and Pidzamecky encourages all of his clients to use tradition and culture as a way of healing.

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