“It was Overwhelming, but in a good way,”
youth on National Elders Gathering

Youth from the Akaitcho Region who attended the National Elders Gathering this week in Edmonton. Photo submitted by Jaylene Delorme Buggins

It was a week to remember. Over 4000 elders attended the first National Elders Gathering in Edmonton.

CKLB, caught up with several youth delegates who were also in attendance, who call the experience a “blessing,”
and a “once in a lifetime event.”

Social media was also buzzing with posts of speeches, and round dances.

Jaylene Delorme Buggins told CKLB the gathering also has inspired her and given her some new perspectives in her new role with the Native Women’s Association of Canada.

Dene Tha broadcaster Sidney Chambaud also attended the gathering with his father. Here’s one of his posts from earlier this week.

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youth on National Elders Gathering"

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