NWT Autism President looks for budget details

Photo courtesy of the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories - Facebook page

While last week’s NWT operations budget is still being reviewed and dissected, one official says money for treatment of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum disorder or F-A-S-D as well as autism spectrum disorder is a good start.

Denise McKee is president of the NWT Autism Society.


“Within the budget there seems to be 848 thousand dollars dedicated to Autism Spectrum Disorder and F-A-S-D. However throughout the territory we see families struggling with both diagnosis, case management navigation and systems. Their children aren’t able to go to school. They’re being isolated and they’re experiencing some really negative effects. We’d really like to have a breakdown (of the funding) because I have seen no money go directly to autism services.”


McKee says she will be seeking answers in the coming days on just exactly how the government will spend the funding it has earmarked for autism spectrum disorder and F-A-S-D treatment.

The budget, released last Thursday by Finance Minister Robert C McLeod, is expected to come under scrutiny during the current legislative assembly sitting.

The house resumes with question period at 1:30 Monday afternoon.

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