Northern Infrastructure Funding for Mines Declined

The NWT and Nunavut Chamber of Mines are disappointed after finding out northern infrastructure projects will not be receiving federal funding.

The projects include improving access to the Slave Geological Province, linking Western Nunavut to the NWT and linking Nunavut to northern Manitoba.

Executive Director at the Chamber of Mines Tom Hoeffer says he’s disappointed at what seems to be irreverence towards the mineral resources industry.

It’s a huge disappointment, the north really needs infrastructure if we’re going to improve our economy. So to get it turned down… I guess it’s more of the same that we’ve seen for a long period of time, not a lot of support for the mineral resource industry.

Hoeffer adds that he’s not sure of the reason the funding was declined, but hopes on the next round a successful pitch can be made.

The two other territories have both made indications that they’re hopeful there will be another round of funding requests and that they can re-seek funding for these projects. So if that opening is there we’ll jump in as supporters of this.

With the Arctic Policy Framework currently being planned, the Chamber hopes northern infrastructure will become a priority.

Frame Lake MLA Kevin O’Reilly was contacted to discuss the possible environmental impacts of this project, but could not be reached.

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