NNAPF Carol Hopkins on drugs and their impact on communities’ environments

Carol Hopkins of the Thunderbird Foundation, speaking to OTL Summit participants in the sharing circle - Photo Credit Josh Campbell

Carol Hopkins is the Executive Director of the National Native Addictions Partnership Foundation. While speaking at the On the Land summit in Dettah last month, Hopkins addressed the domino effect that drug addiction has on communities.

“There’s so much pollution. In fact there was a conversation in the past year about the number of syringes in the water because of opioid addiction. You might say we have more syringes floating down the river than we do healthy pickerel.”

The Executive Director pointed to her community in Delaware First Nation of Moraviantown, in southern Ontario.

“That’s a huge concern. What about all the animals who live off the pickeral? Eagles have come back to our area and that is not by mistake. That’s a reflection of the endurance of the people and the practice of ceremony and our belief that the creator will help us to live life.”

Hopkins says the same traditions apply here in the NWT.

“I think all over creation, it doesn’t matter where you live, our relatives, whether they’re fish or four legged’s or birds. They’re all impacted by the environment. Whether it’s mining or fracking or pollution in the water or in the air.”

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