National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Woman and Girls Faces More Issues

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Groups of family members of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls are calling for “a hard reset” of the national inquiry, including the resignation of its commissioners.

In an open letter released on Tuesday, 140 people from 30 different families pleaded for Justin Trudeau to ask the commissioners to step down and to address concerns about the inquiry’s process.

The families say they have previously asked Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett, but she has not listened and “instead has been relying on minor tweaks and small changes to a deeply flawed process.”

Commissioner Marilyn Poitras resigned last month saying she couldn’t perform her duties in the process as it’s currently designed.

Even more recently, Waneek Horn-Miller has stepped down as the director of community engagement for the inquiry.

The families are mainly looking for more information from the commissioners and more involvement in the process.

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