N.W.T Health Advisory for Arsenic in Lakes

The most recent chart exhibiting arsenic levels around N.W.T water sources

The Public Health Office for the Northwest Territories has issued an advisory for lakes in the Yellowknife area.

Dr.Andre Corriveau is advising residents about the precautions they can take to avoid exposure to arsenic found in some small lakes. Despite his warning, Dr. Corriveau says people really aren’t at risk.

Most of the areas that people are using like Long Lake and Ingraham Trail where people are going swimming and fishing, those people are at no risk to enjoy recreation there.

Corriveau says the lakes that have the higher levels of arsenic are the very small ones that are stand alone, and have no water source like a river or stream running into or out of them.

Rat Lake and Meg Lake, both near Yellowknife’s Con Mine site, have now been identified with elevated arsenic levels.

Grace Lakes arsenic level rating has gotten worse, while Kam Lake has improved.

Despite the public health advisory, neither the city of Yellowknife or the territorial government plans to put signs up at lakes contaminated with arsenic. Instead they hope the message will be spread via their website.

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