MMIWG Chief Commissioner talks to the press after deep concerns raised

Commissioners Brian Eyolfson, Qajaq Robinson, Justice Dominique Goulet and Commissioners Marion Buller, Michèle Michele Audette et Marilyn Poitras - Photo courtesy of the MMIWG Inquiry

Chief Commissioner Marion Buller finally talked to the press on Friday after families, advocates and organizations criticized the MMIWG Inquiry through an open letter and a report last week.

She took “full responsibility” for the lack of communication the Inquiry showed since its beginning.

“There are women and men across Canada that worked very hard for as long as forty years for this Inquiry to come to life. I understand their frustration. I understand their anxiety.”

Chief Commissioner Buller reassured the Inquiry’s commitment not to traumatize again families and survivors.

“What we want to do is ensure that even before people tell their stories to us they have the proper health support that they decide that they need. While they are speaking to us and telling us about their experiences, we’ll have support people for them and our own health people. Also, after they finish telling their stories to us we have a follow-up plan for their continuing support that they decide that they need.”

Chief Commissioner Buller told the press the Inquiry has been doing a “tremendous work” and is in the process of a “thorough analysis” to implement a new timeline and eventually ask for an extension.

This week, hearings are happening in three communities in Yukon. Next week, the Inquiry will be in Whitehorse.

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