King’s fingerprints not on swords found at homicide scene

Accused murderer Denecho King leaves the scene of the crime, Sunridge apartment, last month during a field trip by the trial participants.
John McFadden/CKLB News photo

Accused murderer Denecho King’s fingerprints were not found on any of the swords found in the apartment where John Wifladt was fatally attacked in December of 2014.

That was the testimony Tuesday from an RCMP forensics identification expert who was on the witness stand on day 12 of King’s murder and attempted murder trial in Yellowknife.

Staff Sergeant Christopher Self says there were several identifiable prints left on two swords and a dagger found at the homicide scene at Sunridge Place Apartments- none of which matched King’s.

Self says the fingerprints did not belong to Wifladt or Colin Digness – the man who survived the same attack.

He says they never were able to determine exactly whose fingerprints were on the weapons – despite a nation-wide data search.

Self also testified that bloody footprints found in Digness’s apartment did not match the shoes that King apparently wore the night of the murder.

Self says he did collect blood samples from both the Northern Lites Motel and the Fort Gary apartment – two locations were witnesses have placed King the night of the murders.

It is not clear as yet whether that blood can be linked to King of eitther of the two victims.

Self is to be back on the winess stand Wednesday morning when he is to be cross examined by King’s lawyer.

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