King lawyer says crime scene and evidence contaminated

Childhood friends, Collin Digness and murder victim John Wifladt. (Photo Courtesy of Wifladt family)

Contaminated with a capital “C”.

That’s how murder suspect Denecho King’s lawyer describes the crime scene at the Sunridge Place apartment in Yellowknife.

Jay Bran says RCMP did a sloppy, shoddy anything but thorough job of searching the apartment building or protecting crime scene evidence inside the apartment unit where John Wifladt was fatally wounded on December 14th, 2014.

The apartment belonged to Wifladt’s long-time friend Colin Digness who survived the same attack with multiple serious injuries.

Bran says items – including two swords which may be the murder weapons – were moved around inside the apartment unit during the investigation – according to photographs taken by Mounties.

He also says he found stunning testimony this past week from a Yellowknife RCMP officer.

Bran says the Mountie testified that after he transported the swords to the Yellowknife detachment  – one of the weapons pierced the paper bag it was being carried in.

Bran says he cannot understand why that officer did not immediately contact the blood and fingerprint experts from the RCMP who had been at the scene to tell that what had happened – and ask for advice on exactly what to do about it.

Bran says the officer testified that he merely shook the bag until the sword dropped back inside and then taped up the hole in the bag.

Bran also says D-N-A from King could have easily been transferred from the public hallways into the apartment unit by police and paramedics who responded to the scene.

Bran is not tipping his hand as to whether the 25-year-old King will testify in his own defence.

Possibly working against his client so far in the trial is Crown’s evidence placing King in the apartment building the night of the homicide, a witness testifying King confessed to the crime that night and video from a motel lobby the night of the attack – showing King making baseball-style swings with his bare hands.

D-N-A experts are expected on the witness stand next week.

The trial is to resume Monday morning.


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