Kam Lake’s arsenic levels too high for fishing or swimming

Updated Map from the April 10 Public Health Advisory. (Government of the NWT)

Another purple dot has been added to the public health advisory map of lakes contaminated with arsenic around Yellowknife.

Dr. Andre Corriveau is the Chief Public Health Officer of the NWT who released the advisory on Monday.

“The only change from last year’s advisory is the addition of Kam Lake. We understand it is old data but it’s the only information we have that shows very high levels of arsenic in the water,” Corriveau told CKLB.

Dr. Corriveau says this information came from a 1989 study done by the federal government. He and his staff uncovered the study in the archives this past February. He is asking the government for updated samples.

In the meantime, the public is urged not to swim, fish or harvest berries and mushrooms around Kam Lake.

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