Homicide victim was still alive when found by neighbour

Homicide victim John Wifladt was still breathing when he was discovered face-down on the floor by a downstairs neighbour at Sunridge apartments in Yellowknife in December 2014.

That testimony came of day three of the Denecho King murder and attempted murder trial in Yellowknife.

The neighbour testified that he had gone upstairs at about 4:30 in the morning to tell his neighbour Colin Digness to turn down the stereo in his apartment.

The man says the apartment door was open with heavy metal music blaring.

He says Digness was bloodied and was trying to get to his feet – underneath him was a ceremonial sword.

He testified that the other man in the unit – Wifladt – was unresponsive but he could see that he was still alive.

He was pronounced dead later in hospital.

Wifladt’s mother and sister could be heard sobbing as the witness gave his testimony via video from a separate location in the courthouse.

He had expressed concerns about testifying in front of the 25-year-old King and was allowed to testify from outside the courtroom.

The witness says after discovering the two wounded men – he returned to his own apartment and called an ambulance and police.

The trial continues Thursday.

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