Harvest Payout approved for Tlicho Citizens

Photo credit-Josh Campbell

The Chief Exective Council in Behchoko has approved a one time payment for each enrolled Tlicho citizen.

Giselle Marion, the Implentation Facilitator for Communication and Special Projects says there are 5 places the $250 dollar cheques can be picked up. They include the Behchoko Head Office, the Whati Presence office, the Gameti Presence office, the Wekweeti office and the Yellowknife office.

If citizens are unable to pick up their cheques on July 20th or 21st, they have three options. Pick up, mail or direct deposit.

Marion adds the purpose of the payment is simply the “Harvest Subsidy Payout ” means payments approved by the CEC from IBA monies for Tlicho citizens.

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