GNWT Lays Out Proposed Cannabis Legislation

The GNWT invited media to ask questions about their proposed cannabis legislation following it’s release this past week.

The legislation will be rolled out in time for the legalization of marijuana on July 1.

Although the drug will be available for purchase next summer, Kelly Bluck of the finance department says it’s a long way before local business can capitalize on it.

That’s a conversation that will have to happen a long time from this point. What we’re trying to do now is in response to the federal initiative is to restrict as much as possible from the hands of minors and to eliminate if possible the black market.

Some local business owners have inquired about incorporating the sale and consumption of cannabis products into their business model, but at this time, the NWT Liquor Commission will be the sole retailer of cannabis.

There have also been questions around how police will deal with suspected impaired driving and Meegun Birch of the department of infrastructure says there should be a reliable test by July 1.

The federal government is looking at a new oral fluid drug screener that will detect the presence of THC, methamphetamine and cocaine.

Questions relating to the price of cannabis remain unanswered.

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