Funding submissions for Grays Bay and Slave Geological Road separate

The road would connect a proposed port at Grays Bay – on the shores of the Northwest Passage between Bathurst Inlet and Kugluktuk– to the N.W.T.'s winter roads. (Government of Nunavut)

NWT MP Michael McLeod has also been lobbied about the Grays Bay road and port project.

McLeod says it’s a separate funding proposal from the Slave Geological Road proposal.

“I understood that the people from Nunavut were going to be making a submission like we have through the Department of Infrastructure for some moneys, their proposal includes creative financing, but I have not seen any indication that there is a partnership agreement with the GNWT,” McLeod told CKLB.

McLeod understands the two routes could link up, but understands the ecological concerns voiced on both sides of the NWT Nunavut boundary.

“Well there is many environmental issues that would have to be looked at. This is going through some pristine fragile territory, and we would have to ensure that the regulatory process was very diligent,” added McLeod.

Caribou habitat concerns were raised in the NWT Legislative Assembly about the project over the last two weeks.

The Kitikmeot Inuit Association owns the Nunavut Resources Corporation who would build and own the 350-kilometre road and port in a partnership with the Government of Nunavut.

It’s the second time an all weather road has been proposed in this area, after the Izok Corridor project came to a close during a review in 2012.

Grays Bay Corridor Map, submitted by Frame Lake MLA Kevin O’Reilly


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