Fish and Roads a concern in Dehcho

Dehcho Chief Lloyd Chicot

Kakisa Chief Lloyd Chicot has some concerns about Kakisa and the Dehcho region.

Chicot’s main concern is about the fish and caribou preservation. And equally important, the roads in the community.

He says the community has been monitoring the water for a decade, to watch for mineral problems and to make sure the fish are safe for eating.

The main species that the people in the region fish for include pickeral, pike and whitefish.

Chicot says the caribou monitoring is due to  both global warming and the pipeline construction to the southwest of Kakisa.

He says they are taking soil samples to ensure the caribou are eating food that is safe and doesn’t contain toxins.

Chicot fears development is forcing caribou away from the Dehcho region, therefore the monitoring of caribou and even moose is critical.

As for the roads in the region, Chief Chicot says access highways are being neglected.

I guess the government’s main priority is Highway One to Yellowknife. All the access highways here have been not repaired. The community wanted to

do some work on it ourselves, like fill in potholes and run the snowplow in the winter to the access roads.

Chicot says he has put out a proposal to the Infrastructure Minister of the GNWT to fix the roads in Kakisa and the region.

But the Chief worries that his wishes will be ignored, and the government will continue to be fixated on Highway One to Yellowknife.

Chicot says because their water is trucked in, they need their roads repaired and in good condition, especially with winter on its way.




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