First National Seal Products day to be celebrated in Canada


At the beginning of the month a bill passed, which received Royal Assent from the Governor General, which deemed May 20th the official day in Canada to support products made from seal.

The day reflects the cultural significance of the sealing community throughout the Canadian Arctic.

The bill was introduced by retired senator Celine Hervieux-Payette in 2015. The day coincides with the European Maritime day which supports their maritime industries.

The passing of the bill after its third reading on May 5th was to celebrate an exemption enacted earlier this year that would see Inuvialuit products sold throughout the European Union following a ban on seal products in 2010.

Last year when the Crystal Serenity, a luxury cruise line, passed through the Northwest Passage artisans complained that they were unable to sell art and goods to tourists.

The ban would see seal products denied during reentry into various countries and Inuvialuit communities failed to generate potential income due to the ban.

The government of Canada hopes that the amendment to the ban and the celebration of seal products allows more opportunity for coastal communities in the Arctic.

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