Election Time in Tlicho Region

Current Grand Chief Eddie Erasmus

It is time for the Tlicho people to vote. And this time it’s for Grand Chief.

The four candidates include current Grand Chief Eddie Erasmus, George Mackenzie, Russell Drybones

and Charlie Jim Nitsiza. They have campaigned a lot of hours in the Tlicho region.

And, the four candidates see different issues as priorities. And , each of the candidates believes they are

the most suited and best qualified leader to lead the Tlicho citizens.

Russell Drybones, for example feels a big social issue needs to be addressed throughout the Tlicho

And also a lot of young guys are concerned about housing.

George Mackenzie, for his part says his education and understanding of the culture, make him the man

to vote for on September 11th.

I see myself with the post secondary schooling, the others don’t have that.

The incumbent and current Grand Chief is Eddie Erasmus. For his part, Erasmus says to date,
his greatest achievement as Grand Chief of the Tlicho has been financial success to hire workers.

I’ve increased the finance agreement so we could hire more people to work with young people.

And the final candidate, Charlie Jim Nitsiza says his vision for the Tlicho is grassroots, for the people.

My priority is the Tlicho people, we need to hear them out.

Four different voting options. The Tlicho people can vote all over the region.

Polling stations will be open on September the 11th at 9am until 8pm.

They include Behchoko at the Ko Gocho Centre, the Gameti Community Hall,

the Wekweeti Council Chamber, the Whati Council Chamber and finally at the Yellowknife

Office of the Registrar.

Those who are eligible to vote are encouraged by CKLB to cast their ballot.

Monday , September 11th, a big day for the citizens of the Tlicho region.



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