Election season in the Tlicho region until June 12


Community government nominations for chief and council closed last week.

Whati has the largest number of candidates for council, with 23 people running for the eight seats.

Charlie Jim Nitsiza pulled out of the race for chief leaving Whati voters with two candidates, former Chief Isidore Zoe and current Chief Alfonz Nitisiza.

Behchoko and Gameti are the only communities to have female candidates running for chief.

Doreen Arrowmaker is challenging incumbent Chief David Wedawin in Gameti.

In Behchoko, Georgina Franki, former chief Leon Lafferty, Mason Mantla, Tony Rabesca, and current Chief Clifford Daniels, make the largest field of candidates running for chief in the region.

10 women and 12 men from Behchoko and Edzo make up the field of 22 candidates running for the 10 council seats.

Wekweeti the smallest Tlicho community, Incumbent Chief Johnny Arrowmaker and former Chief Charlie Football are the two leadership hopefuls. Seven people are running for the four seats on council.

Candidate forums are still being finalized for this week.

Election day is Monday June 12.

Gameti Candidates

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