Divers from Operation Nunalivut are training in Resolute Bay

LS Chad Wilson, Clearance Diver, FDU(A) and Cst Jon Fleming, RCMP Diver in Resolute Bay, Nunavut - Photo credit Melinda Trochu

Operation Nunalivut is currently taking place in Resolute Bay and Hall Beach, Nunavut.

In Resolute Bay, more than 30 divers are training in harsh conditions to be ready to intervene in the Arctic if necessary.

Clearance Diving Officer Samuel Mercier is overseeing this team that includes Fleet Diving Unit divers, RCMP divers and Canadian Army divers.

“The main goal of the operation being interoperational ability. When we leave here, if one month after I get home, I get a call and I am told there is a water pump that broke, I need to deploy a team, and I will be joined by an RCMP contingent, I will know how to move forward from there. We will have done it. We’ll have an idea on what’s next, what are the steps that we have to take to get the team there,” said Mercier.

About 200 Canadian Armed Forces members are participating in the annual surveillance and control operation in the High Arctic.

Operation Nunalivut wraps up March 10.

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