Denecho King murder trial underway in Yk

The murder trial for Denecho King got underway in Yellowknife Monday amid extremely tight security.

Courtroom spectators had to line up, empty their pockets and go through a metal detector – not unlike security at airports.

The 25-year-old King wore leg shackles.

There were two RCMP officers in the courtroom compared to the usual one.

There was one court security officer in the courtroom and three more positioned just outside the door.

Inside the court, the judge ruled some witnesses could testify via video while others will have a two-way screen between them and King when they are on the stand.

King will be able to see them but they can’t see him – that includes Colin Digness – the man that King is charged with attempting to murder the night that John Wifladt died.

Digness has yet to testify.

King is charged with Wifladt’s murder in December, 2014 in Yellowknife.

Some potential witnesses say they would be intimidated looking at King while they testify.

One potential witness says he’s been called a rat, possibly by a friend of King’s, and threatened.

Court heard from three witnesses, two of whom testified Wifladt got into an altercation earlier in the evening the night he died at a house party in Ndilo.

The man Wifladt got into the spat with that night testified that no punches were thrown and that he did not kill Wifladt.

Wifladt died violently in the early morning hours after the party at the apartment of his friend Digness.

The trial continues Tuesday.

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