Dene a journey starts its second season on APTN

Eugene Boulanger, at Willow Lake in the Sahtu - Photo Credit Amos Scott

Dene a journey, a TV show created by Amos Scott (Director of CKLB) is back on APTN for its second season.

“Dene a journey is a documentary television Series taking an Indigenous person back to their community or back to their traditional area so that they can reconnect with there and experience on the land and with their people.”

The second episode tonight will feature Eugene Boulanger on his return to his mountain Dene roots and to a spring hunt.

“I think it’s really important that Indigenous people see themselves on screen, hear themselves on radio, or see themselves on photograph as themselves and reconnecting to themselves in an authentic way.”

This year, Dene a Journey will follow the adventures of six Dene reconnecting to their culture, language and land.

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Melinda Trochu is an independent multimedia journalist from France who moved to Yellowknife recently. She has worked and lived in France, Lebanon and Australia. She is currently the News & Current Affairs Director at CKLB. If you want to contact her, here's her email:

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