Deh Gah Gotie plans a retreat to discuss Dehcho process

Deh Gah Gotie Youth along the river bank this spring. Photo Credit - Charlene Bonnetrouge.

Dehcho Grand Chief Herb Norwegian’s community tour continues. Tuesday he held an information session with members of the Deh Gah Gotie First Nation in Fort Providence. The same community which will host this summer’s Dehcho Assembly.

Chief Joachim Bonnetrouge says members enjoyed the presentation, but want a follow up community meeting to form a consensus on resource management, and negotiations.

“We would like to meet with our own membership, probably next weekend, a three day gathering at a lodge 7 kilometres down the river here, asking people if they’ll gather with us and have an information session and discussion with them,” Bonnetrouge told CKLB.

Bonnetrouge still has questions about how a comprehensive land claim agreement will affect their rights from 1921.

“A clarification about what Treaty 11 is all about, and how much treaty rights and benefits we’ll have left after a Dehcho Agreement,” explained Bonnetrouge.

Dehcho leaders and their respective communities are continuing to discuss how to be part of the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board. They’re also pondering what status the GNWT should have at the Negotiations Table.

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