Dehcho Youth learning science and TK at Ecology Camp

Photo by Pat Kane, courtesy of DCFN.

Youth from across the Dehcho set sail up the Horn River yesterday as part of the region’s Ecology Camp.

“The youth will participate in gathering some monitoring data and be directly involved in that, and there will be some really knowledgeable elders engaging with youth out at the camp on the Horn River,” said DCFN Resources Manager Dahti Tetso.

She says youth will be working with elders from Fort Providence, using both science and traditional knowledge.

Tetso says the monitoring program came about after Deh Gah Gotie members raised concerns about impacts from the sport fishery on local fish stocks.

“There’s quite a lot of stressors from people from coming from outside the area to fish. So the community of Fort Providence has designed a monitoring program to try and get a better understanding of what some of those impacts might be,” added Tetso.

The monitors are also part of a regional stewardship program called the Dehcho K’ehondi.

The youth ecology camp wraps up on Saturday.

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