De Beers Snap Lake Mine Equipment Being Auctioned

Some of the equipment that will be made available from De Beers' auction

Approximately $30 million worth of mining equipment will be auctioned off on August 1 and 2.
A tour on Wednesday showcased the equipment that will be available from De Beers’ Snap Lake Mine.
Tom Ormsby of De Beers points out that there is a variety of equipment that could interest both corporations and individual people.
“What it is is an ability for anybody who’s an individual or a company to get involved. The way the lots and the goods are getting set up is they are structured everything from tool cabinets and handtools and all the way up to large pieces of underground mining equpment. So there’s a lot of variety.”
Those who want to participate in the auction can view the items themselves on July 31, and the auction will take place August 1st and 2nd at the Explorer Hotel.
Participants can also get involved with the auction online.

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