Crown has new info in King murder trial

Accused murderer Denecho King leaves the scene of the crime, Sunridge apartment, last month during a field trip by the trial participants.
John McFadden/CKLB News photo

The Denecho King murder trial came to a halt on Friday after the Crown disclosed to the court that it had just received new information about the case.

Crown prosecutor Alex Godfrey did not say what the new information is – it may be evidence but Godfrey says he says it is not considered evidence until it is introduced in court.

Court adjourned for the day shortly after the lunch break Friday and will resume Monday morning at Supreme Court in Yellowknife.

The 25-year-old King is charged with second degree murder of John Wifladt and the attempted murder of Colin Digness in Digness’s Yellowknife apartment in December of 2014.

Court heard from the first paramedic on scene on Friday.

He testified that he did not see any particularly serious wounds on Wifladt as he loaded him onto a backboard before transporting him to an ambulance and on to Stanton Territorial Hospital.

The Crown alleges that King attacked Wifladt and Digness with an ornamental sword belonging to Digness.

Digness’s wounds have been described in court including a deep gash to the head, a fractured stull, damaged eye and a stab wound to the abdomen that required surgery.

Digness testified that he had no memory of the attack.

One of the RC-MP officers who testified last week said that the sword found near Wifladt was nearly bent in half.

More paramedics are expected on the witness stand when the trial resumes.

It is not clear when the new information will be presented in court.

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