More cold viruses than flu in the NWT


Flu season is creeping in across the NWT, slightly slower than in neighbouring Yukon.
Chief Medical Officer of the NWT Doctor Andre Corriveau says the main strain hitting the NWT is more of a cold virus.
“Traditionally here in the North many of elders get immunized, so that’s a good thing. But to date we’ve only had 9 positive reports, and one hospitalization,” Corriveau told CKLB.
While the flu shot clinics were popular this fall, patients may need to call their community health centre or public health unit ahead of time to get immunized. Corriveau adds if flu symptoms start, such as a fever, it’s best to stay home and rest instead of helping spread the virus further in communities.

The NWT has only a third of cases of the flu reported this year, compared to a year ago.

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