Choosing Wisely Campaign Launches In Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories is working to create discussion in the healthcare system about unnecessary tests and treatments.

The Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority has launched the Choosing Wisely Campaign. The objective of the campaign is to help clinicians and patients talk about unnecessary lab tests, antibiotics and imaging to improve quality of care.

Currently, every province in Canada has a Choosing Wisely campaign. With this launch, the Northwest Territories will be the first territory to introduce this initiative.

According to Dr. Sarah Cook, the campaign is required in Canada- especially in the Northwest Territories where over-treatment is a big issue.

We know that Canada that up 30% of healthcare in Canada is unnecessary. The same holds true for the Northwest Territories. There are a lot of things that we do and it may cause harm.

The campaign hopes that providing education, feedback and support to healthcare providers and patients, will create a more effective healthcare system.


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