Canadian Rangers take part in Operation Nunalivut 2017

Canadian Ranger Joe Amarualik - Photo Credit Melinda Trochu

Operation Nunalivut continues in Resolute Bay and Hall Beach, Nunavut.

About 200 Canadian Armed Forces members are participating in the annual surveillance and control operation in the High Arctic. Among them, 27 Canadian Rangers are helping building igloos, monitoring the wildlife and sharing traditional knowledge.

Resolute Bay Matthew Manik shares his tips to build strong igloos.

“First part of an igloo is you find the right type of snow. You want it medium-hard. That’s the easiest to work with and it breaks the wind. The hard part of the snow, the wind will go right through and what we’re doing now is cutting all blocks and we’ll use these as part of the igloo built here which will be the door. Finding the best snow is best.”

Canadian Ranger Matthew Manik – Photo Credit Melinda Trochu

Debbie Iqaluk is also a Ranger. She was the first female to join the local patrol 17 years ago in Resolute. She supports the Junior Canadian Rangers program that trains youth between 12 to 18.

“It’s great. The girls are wonderful. They wanna learn so much more than the boys today because I think the boys tend to have more games going in their brains than girls.”

Canadian Ranger Debbie Iqaluk – Photo Credit Melinda Trochu

Right now, 21% of the Canadian Rangers are women. But among the Junior Canadian Rangers program, the girls represent 46% of the youth being trained. 1942 young girls and 2269 young boys are training.

Operation Nunalivut wraps up March 10.

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