Boxing Taking Off in the Sahtu

For over a month, students at Colville Lake have been hitting the ring, and sparring in their school’s small gym. Principal Victor Dakaitis says boxing is teaching the youth all sorts of skills.
“Getting priorites in line, building confidence, it’s a multi-purpose program. More than just competition it’s designed for people to cope mentally and physically, it’s good for them,” said Dakaitis.
Dakaitis also taught in Deline nine years ago, and helped coach boxing there as well.
Now his son is also teaching in neighbouring Fort Good Hope where boxing is also taking off.
“In order for a boxing club to continue, you need competition. So I’m hoping a few more of the surrounding communities will get involved,” Dakaitis adds.
The region could see some boxing events in the New Year when the Sahtu Winter Roads open.

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Josh Campbell
Josh Campbell has returned to the CKLB News Team. He covered female university soccer and volleyball in New Brunswick, prior to graduating from Loyalist College in Mohawk Territory near Belleville, Ontario in 2007. He's covered politics and Indigenous stories in both the NWT and Yukon over the last 10 years.

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