Bluenose East Caribou Conservation Review


The Sahtu Renewable Resources Board recently finished their review on the proposed plans for the conservation of the Bluenose East caribou herd.

The report stated that the community of Deline’s community conservation plan is the best option for conserving the herd because they have a strong relationship with the land and wildlife.

Behdzhi Ada First Nation in Colville Lake heavily relies on the Bluenose East caribou herd and they are pleased that the SRRB approved the Deline’s community conservation plan over the Department of Environment and Natural Resources plan to implement a tag system.

Joseph Kochon the interim president of the Colville Lake Renewable Resources council says putting the blame on indigenous people for the Caribou herds decline and putting a tag system in place is dangerous and racist.

“Saying that people are responsible for the decline is farfetched, you can’t pinpoint the real cause of the decline. From day one we have been saying that we live here with the caribou, why not use some of the knowledge that we have had here for centuries,”
explained Kochon.

Colville Lake’s leadership will be working with ENR, SRRB and other indigenous peoples to work out how to protect caribou habitats and calving grounds using traditional knowledge.

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