Behchoko to welcome 800 people for 12th annual Dene Handgames Tournament

Entrance to Behchoko's Cultural Centre (Photo Mary Rose Blackduck-CKLB)

The 12th annual Ediwa Weyallon Handgames Tournament is set to start today, with a community breakfast this morning at the Cultural Centre.

Teams have traveled from as far away as BC to compete in this year’s $100,000 men’s tournament.

Behchoko Senior Administrative Officer Larry Baran says the communities stores and restaurants are bracing for the over 800 people expected over the weekend.

He says parking shouldn’t be a problem.

“Well we’ve done a lot of snow clearing in preparation for additional parking that’s going to be required around the venues, and that was probably the biggest challenge to create parking lots where they didn’t exist before,” explained Baran.

Baron adds this is a dry event, with Tlicho Government Security and RCMP enforcing the alcohol prohibition over the weekend with check stops.

“We are anticipating that will be lifted in April, but until then alcohol is still prohibited here,” added Baran.

The opening prayer and feeding of the fire ceremony begins at 9 am, followed by welcoming remarks from Tlicho Grand Chief Eddie Erasmus and Behchoko Chief Clifford Daniels.

The handgames action and drumming starts at 1pm, with 61 teams competing until Sunday evening.

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